Annabel:  Chapter I

The novel Annabel, created by Shawn Milke and Dennis Lee of Alesana, reveals all of the final twists and turns on the story of Annabel, The Artist and Fatima Rusalka, a story that is six years in the making.


The Thespian

A terrifying love story, The Thespian details the demented thoughts of the Artist after the horrific murder of his love Annabel.  Directed by Stephen Penta.



Lullaby of the Crucified

Trapped in purgatory, Lullaby of the Crucified depicts a world of horror surrounding The Wanderer during his abstract journey in pursuit of The Temptress




Circle VII:  Sins of the Lion

Watch as Alesana performs their song Circle VII: Sins of the Lion  with the same passion and energy that has surrounded them for over a decade. 



Fatima Rusalka

Alesana returns with another live performance for their single Fatima Rusalka.  Originally released as a stand-alone single to bridge A Place Where The Sun Is Silent to Confessions, the track will now be included as the opening cut of The Annabel Trilogy Part III:  Confessions album.




Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen

Oh, How The Mighty Have Fallen - the first video release in support of Confessions, the final full length studio album based in the universe of The Annabel Trilogy. Excuse me, are you a maniac?!



Comedy of Errors:  Part I

Part I of the visually stunning video for the song Comedy of Errors. Follow Annabel as she travels through time in order to stop The Artist.




Comedy of Errors:  Part II

Part II of Annabel's tale of time travel.  Will she succeed? Will she survive the Puppeteer and his mind games?  Can she return art and passion to her world?