Shipwreck Magazine

After years of fans arguing back and forth about the story line of Alesana’s ‘Annabel’ trilogy, there will soon be answers.

Summa Inferno

Alesana talks Mexico, Annabel, Tour.  Interview in Spanish.

The marriage of music and storytelling.

Some Kind Of Media

Shawn discusses the future ahead.

Nataliez World

Manifesto of Sound

Sound In The Signals

Another Promo


Stitched Sound

Alesana enter the world of literature with Annabel.

New Noise Magazine

Frontman of Alesana gives a bit more insight in regards to The Annabel Trilogy Part III: Confessions and what to expect in the future.

Xeon Live

After 6 years it is revealed the first chapter of Annabel isn't exactly as it seems.

White Noise Zine

Each album brings unique elements and dynamics in comparison to their predecessors.

Breathing The Core